ACTING IN ENGLISH – cursuri de actorie în limba engleză!

Din Aprilie venim cu veşti excepţionale pentru actorii şi viitorii actori din România! Teatrul În Culise găzduieşte un nou workshop de actorie, dedicat celor care vor să înveţe să vorbească, să gândească şi să joace în limba engleză. Actorul American, James Longshore, va fi profesor. Dar vă dăm mai multe detalii în engleză, să-ncepeţi deja exerciţiul. 🙂

For all the actors who dream of going to L.A. for an acting class,
               the class is coming to you!

James Longshore


Learn To Think, Speak And Act in English!
Learn how to promote yourself like a professional American actor!
Get cast in American and International Films that shoot in Romania!

Duration: 12 three hour sessions
Starts April in Central Bucharest! Class Limited to 12 Students! Apply Now!
Special First Time Program Super Discount For Actors:
Just 750 RON for all 12 sessions
Instructor, James Longshore

For more info and to receive application, email
You may also call 0737.343.429


The “Acting In English” program, as conceived by James Longshore, is a comprehensive course in not just accent and performance technique, but also in the business and marketing side of being a professional actor. You will learn not just to think, speak, and act in English, you will learn how to present yourself just as a professional American actor does. The class will include sessions on film acting, pronunciation and accent work, improvisation, script breakdown, auditions, marketing and image. There will be exercises, study of the alphabet, discussion, performance, and simulated situations.
This class will require a deep level of commitment, as much as you would give to your university courses. There will be homework, practice, assignments, reading, and even report cards! Participation in this program will produce results that will lead to more success in your career as an actor. As you may know, many American and English-Language productions are shooting here more and more often. They are growing more and more prestigious each year.
There is a great deal of talent here in Romania, both in front of and behind the camera, as well as economic locations and services available. Many more films have been shot or are set to shoot this year.
It is beneficial for both the foreign productions and the industry here for the productions to hire more Romanian talent. One recurring obstacle to this is the thickness of the accent and the understanding of the text. James Longshore wants to increase the chances of success for Romanian actors, and build up the film industry here in Romania.  He believes that if you learn to act in English, and learn the techniques, and practice, practice, practice, you will begin to think, speak, and act in English more credibly, and the accent will naturally soften.
James Longshore is an American actor, writer, and producer. James is trained in many aspects of performance, and has attended a variety of acting programs which have included drama, movement, voice, accents, dancing, and singing. He has acted in films and theatre in NYC, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. With the experience of his L.A. based company Mad Man At Large Productions and his acting career, James has learned the requirements of professionals both in front of and behind the camera. Since moving to Romania in 2011, James has worked as a dialogue coach on Universal’s “The Wolf man” and as an actor in “Diaz: Don’t Clean Up This Blood”. He has worked with successful Romanian production houses Mandragora Movies and Castel Films. He has also become well acquainted with the casting directors and agencies of Bucharest. A complete acting resume can be viewed at: You can also read some news articles, in Romanian and in English, about James Longshore at these links: